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Run your accounting and financial operations more efficiently

We are an innovative software company based in Washington, D.C. with advanced spreadsheet and cloud computing expertise.

Streamlining your accounting and financial software

At Georgetown Software House, we are adept at leveraging computer science algorithms to solve common business problems.

We are particularly good at converting spreadsheet-based business models into scalable and performant cloud applications.

Expertise in Functional Programming

Our team members' cumulative functional programming experience spans decades—and we've worked with clients across industries to help them streamline the way they work. We don't just create a product; we build it with industry-leading expertise.
Our product

Simplify your business logic, deploy immediately.

Our core product, Pebble Stream, is designed to help businesses run more efficiently by providing faster spreadsheet computation by deploying enterprise-scale applications using the spreadsheet.

Our Pebble Stream technology currently powers a Big Four accounting firm’s production application, producing results that form the basis of reports conveyed to its clients.

Our Pebble Stream technology also powers our newest product, Zen which was just launched!

Meet our global team

In 2017, Bediako George saw a need to improve the efficiency and scalability of spreadsheet models. Georgetown Software House was born, along with Pebble Stream (our sub-company), focusing on building enterprise-ready financial applications derived from spreadsheet models.

Georgetown Software House is a global remote-first company spread across three continents. We’ve come together to change the way users work on spreadsheets.

Bediako George

Washington D.C, U.S.A
Bediako loves developing custom software applications at speed on cloud platforms, all the while having fun doing it.

He plays soccer for fun, but unfortunately not for profit. He is also an avid chess player.

Mark Mendell

Software Engineer
San Francisco Bay Area, U.S.A
Mark likes simple code and fast interfaces. His favorite directive is "match-rows". In his free time, he writes music and works on a C editor for phones.

Archibald Pontier

Software Engineer
Archibald loves Clojure, parenthesis, and cartesian product. Apart from that, he likes writing, cars, spending time with his dog Shadow, and coding web crawlers.

Paul Peng

Software Engineer
Pittsburgh, U.S.A
Paul likes strange programming languages that let people do interesting things. Outside of Pebble Stream, he works as an artist and is a budding roller coaster enthusiast.

Abdulbosit Abdurakhmonov

Software Engineer
Abdulbosit is a senior software engineer with expertise in Partnership Accounting. When he is not thinking about solving accounting problems, he enjoys spending time with his family.
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